Month: January 2019

What we do.


Still From Spoof: the Saga (2021)

Lost Gotham Productions was finally christened in 2002 after many years of evolution. We are a small production company currently based in Salem, Oregon. Our purpose is to make no- and low-budget movies in several genres including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, and Horror.

Roadkill (2005) Featuring Jasper Cole (pictured)

We are constantly working on a variety of projects including short films, feature length movies, and Animations from our library of original scripts. Also watch out for several comic books and novels we have in development.


For more than 20 years we’ve been studying every kind of fabrication technique imaginable, from Fabric and Foam to Wood, Plastic, and Metal. Today we sew costumes, cut and shape a variety of materials for props and accessories including 3D printing, Lifecasting, and kit-bashing. We use everything from traditional hand-made sculpting techniques to the latest CNC routers, and laser cutters to make costumes and props from films, TV shows, and Original creations.

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