Month: February 2019

Latest News

There isn’t much progress to report, but I wanted to check in. I work tirelessly trying to make progress on projects and find myself constantly pushed backwards by external influences. Right now I have had a flurry of paid work – which is good, it means I should be able to afford some of the music we need to finish Spoof soon, but it also means that I haven’t been able to work on editing Spoof much. A few weeks ago I did spend several DAYS pouring through thousands of music tracks and audio files trying to find the perfect sounds to compliment and enhance our project. Sound design is a brutal, but crucial, part of film making.

I can report one major hurdle cleared. I have been struggling for some time to fix one CG FX shot that was bugging me, it looks MUCH better now and I finally feel like I can move on.

Keep watching this space and hopefully soon we’ll have some exciting updates to share!